Rapid Commerce: A Microservices Commerce Platform


Quickly shift your retail business into high gear with a cloud-based, microservices accelerator and rapid assessment workshop by Publicis.Sapient.

The retail industry is currently going through massive change and retailers need to understand how to move to a modern architecture that supports their future business needs. Publicis.Sapient is offering a rapid 8-day assessment workshop to enable retailers to define this path forward.

The Rapid Commerce assessment will leverage prior knowledge, tools, and templates to do the evaluation. We believe in using insight from actual practical experience, and not theory, to quickly enable large retailers to understand the roadmap to a modern commerce platform. This process is based on how to leverage the very latest microservices, headless architecture and enables DevOps techniques to get the platform deployed faster and with higher quality.

Retailers learn how to move to a better customer experience: the microservices, headless architecture enables quick upgrades to the latest consumer channels such as chat, voice or conversational commerce.

Mobile and cloud-first: the mobile-first approach provides a great customer experience and better business results. Cost-effective scalability: the native Azure cloud platform enables deployment at scale, and flexibility to handle massive traffic demands.


  • Align: Define overall vision and goals. Conduct workshop(s) and working sessions with business team to understand capabilities needed to run the business.
  • Assess: Assessment of current implementation for evolution towards a future state architecture.
  • Recommend: Industry Benchmarking Report, CX Assessment Report, Technology Debt Assessment, Recommended Architecture, Digital Transformation Roadmap, Program plan with a phased approach, budgetary guidance & ROI guidance


  • Current State Assessment: Identifies technical gaps that need to be filled in target state architecture.
  • Future State Architecture: Documents the future state architecture to support business vision.
  • High Level Roadmap
  • Exec Presentation: findings, HL roadmap, budget range