AI Security Custom Solution: 8-week Consulting & Implementation

Bosch Global Software Technologies Pvt Ltd

Secure your AI and enable adversarial robustness against targeted attacks on your AI assets by leveraging AIShield’s patented one-stop AI security solution.

Widespread AI adoption has profoundly exposed machine learning models and associated data to newer vulnerabilities such as model theft/extraction, data poisoning, algorithm evasion & model/data inference attacks. Such cyber-attacks on AI assets are called adversarial attacks and can result in financial loss, reputational damage, loss of competitive advantage, or intellectual property theft.

To protect AI-powered devices and applications in the face of novel security threats, AIShield offers an Enterprise AI-security solution customized for your AI application in your industry. Leveraging deep domain expertise and strategic partnerships, AIShield's Enterprise AI Security solutions are deployed in AI and ML use cases in automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, BFSI, telecommunications, and IT industries. 

AIShield's solutions are optimized to work on Microsoft Azure which seamlessly integrates into existing workflows built using Azure Machine Learning and provides telemetry data which integrates into Microsoft Sentinel, which allows monitoring for AI assets.

Consulting & Advisory:

  • AI Security Overview (Threats Landscape, Regulations)
    • Provides an overview of the regulatory landscape and upcoming compliance needs.
  • AI Security Risk Assessment with Report
    • Utilizes propriety risk assessment framework and generates customized recommendations to secure your AI right from the design phase. 
  • AI GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance)
    • Help enterprises understand their regulatory compliance and risk posture.

AI/ML Model Security:

  • Vulnerability assessment for all attack types across AI/ML models and frameworks
    • Integrates natively with your AI workloads leveraging Azure Machine Learning to provide in-depth vulnerability assessment along with human readable and explainable reports. These artifacts can be stored at Azure Blob Storage for further analysis. 
  • Target optimized and defense generation & integration
    • Generates threat-informed defense models available in standard container formats, which can be deployed along with the original model using Azure Kubernetes Service
  • SIEM/SOAR connector for Security Monitoring
    • Provide Threat Informed Endpoint Defense that integrates with Microsoft Sentinel to deliver enhanced real-time monitoring capabilities to security teams for their AI assets, giving them insights into AI security incidents.
  • Enterprise integration with MLOps and other dashboards
    • Develop customize dashboards and reports

Trustworthy AI/ML Services (on demand):

  • Explainability, Responsible and Performance Assurance artifacts


AIShield specializes in Microsoft Azure-based AI workload security assessment utilizing Azure Applied AI Services, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Bot Service, Azure Databricks, Kinect DK & Azure OpenAI Service. Connections to existing SIEM such as Microsoft Sentinel are also available.