Legacy Web App Modernisation Accelerator: 4~6 Wk Implementation

Satalyst Pty Ltd

A genuinely complete implementation service that accelerates the migration and modernisation of your web app and its associated services to Azure PaaS with cloud-first capabilities.


Will your legacy applications take you where your modern business needs to go?

Legacy applications are a blocker to growth and innovation. When applications run on old or unsupported technology, they are hard to maintain and vulnerable to security threats. For this reason, modern businesses are prioritising the shift away from legacy applications to a cloud-first approach.

However, planning an application modernisation project can be daunting. You may be unsure of the impacts of moving established apps into a new cloud environment. And probably will have concerns about costs, downtime, security, and integration. When the application is critical to your daily operations, these concerns become paramount. Satalyst takes the complexity and risks out of the modernisation project. We will modernise your legacy applications with Microsoft Azure to work as you need them.


Satalyst’s accelerated Web Application Modernisation is a genuinely complete implementation service. It is designed to assist in prioritising your on-prem application portfolio and identify the highest value application and its associated services for migration to Azure’s Platform-as-a-Service and modernised with cloud-first capabilities.

This Satalyst offering delivers the framework for repeatable best-practice cloud web application modernisation. In collaboration with you and aligning with your business objectives, we take the prioritised application identified in the Assessment phase through the end-to-end process of establishing an Azure landing zone and migrating, refactoring the application, and delivering it into a production-ready environment. In refactoring your application in Azure, we perform selective restructuring of the application source code, so you benefit from the speed, agility, and innovation possibilities of the latest cloud technologies. Satalyst’s Azure experts utilise Microsoft architecture blueprints and Azure DevOps enabled Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery processes. Your application will be delivered and modernised in the Azure cloud aligned with the Azure Well-Architected Framework. This framework assures well-architected and high-quality workloads on Azure and a best-practice approach to security, governance, and cost control.

Approach We will work closely with you and your team to ensure that your legacy web application modernisation in Azure is secure by design, fit for purpose and meets your business objectives. Will migrate and modernise your first application and leave you with a foundational knowledge of modern approaches to developing and deploying web applications in Azure.

The Satalyst methodology aligns with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework to include Architecture, Security and Governance. The professionally managed project will be fully documented and delivered in four coordinated and unified phases: Assess & Planning

  • Assess the legacy application portfolio, dive deep, and identify candidate web applications for modernisation.
  • Gathering of high-level architectural requirements and exploration of relevant modernisation concepts & patterns in Azure.
  • Review of the current application and platform security & governance.
  • Assess potential solution architectures for the identified candidate application.

Development of Solution Architecture

  • Develop documentation and proposed solution architecture based on the outputs of the assessment and planning activities.
  • Documentation to outline the architecture, including proposed Azure environments and resources, CI/CD strategy and monitoring.

Implementation & Integration

  • Develop documentation and proposed solution architecture based on the outputs of the assessment and planning activities.
  • Documentation to outline the architecture, including proposed Azure environments and resources, CI/CD strategy and monitoring.

Validation, sign-off and handover

  • Review the engagement to ensure we’ve modernised your application as you expected and need.

Outcome Your newly modernised application will be delivered production-ready in an Azure landing zone established and configured aligned with best practice Cloud Adoption Framework. A Cloud Application Roadmap for the remaining applications identified will provide a next-step strategy for moving forward.