Azure Foundation 4-Week Implementation


Azure Foundation is a comprehensive set of security, governance and cost management solutions for Azure. This offering is under pinned by the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.

The three pillars of the Servent Azure Foundation offering are listed below.

  • Azure Security
  • Azure Governance
  • Azure Cost Management

Azure Security

It is vitally important that security controls are in place before consuming cloud services. We often encounter organisations who embark on a journey to the cloud without the appropriate security controls in place. With Azure Security we ensure that your security posture is appropriate for the cloud services you are looking to consume. This will typically focus on areas such as: identity management, infrastructure, connectivity, applications and data.

Azure Governance

Governance is absolutely key in Azure. Azure Governance is a collection of concepts and services that are designed to enable management of your various Azure resources at scale. These services provide the ability to organise and structure Azure subscriptions in a logical way, create and deploy re-usable and Azure native packages of resources, and to define, audit and remediate resources which are deployed.

Azure Cost Management

Azure Cost Management allows you to manage your cloud spend with transparency and accuracy. It helps make the most of the cloud by providing tools to monitor, allocate and optimise cloud spending. With Azure Cost Management you will be able to track resource usage and manage cloud costs to present financial insights to make informed decisions with respect to optimisation. Governance policies will also be implemented for effective cloud cost management and increased accountability via cost allocation and chargebacks.

The price of this offering is estimated and will vary depending on which Azure Foundation services you choose to consume. As it is an entirely modular offering it is not always necessary to choose all three pillars and as a result the price provided is for estimate only.