Azure Landing Zone - Enterprise Scale

Shaping Cloud

Start using Azure at Scale with Shaping Cloud's Enterprise-Scale Landing Zone solution

Confidently adopt cloud services with an enterprise landing zone that sets up the services you need to secure, operate, and govern your Azure environment. The landing zone will cover the following design areas:

Networking: Create the network that will support your cloud infrastructure with a scalable architecture, and connections to on-premises services via VPN’s or Express Route.

Security: Secure workloads and applications in the cloud by deploying Azure security capabilities to protect and monitor your services.

Identity: Configure cloud-based identity and access management using Azure AAD and RBAC to implement the principle of least privilege.

Governance: Create Management Groups to align with your organisational operating model. Deploy custom Azure policies to meet your organisation’s regulatory, compliance, and sovereignty requirements.

Operations: Deploy operational tooling to monitor, manage, backup and recover your Azure Services. Optimise resources with cost management, tagging, alerting and automation.


There are three core phases to deliver the Enterprise-Scale Azure Landing Zone:

Design Discovery of the current environment and development of the landing zone solution design. We will align the solution to your organisation’s strategy, structure, and requirements.

Deploy Shaping cloud will develop infrastructure as code (IaC) with your teams to deploy a landing zone that are tailored to meet your organisation’s needs.

Review We will review the solution with you and present recommended next steps.

Enterprise Landing Zone Deliverables

  • Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) Foundation Workshops
  • Landing Zone Design documentation and code
  • Deployed Enterprise-Scale Landing Zone
  • Knowledge transfer with the internal team
  • Recommendations for the next steps that will accelerate your cloud journey.

When to use an Enterprise-Scale Landing Zone Service

Whether you are using Azure for the first time or want to strengthen your existing Azure environment, an enterprise-scale landing zone will help accelerate your adoption of the cloud, optimise your use of Azure, align your organisation with Microsoft best practice and improve your security and governance .

The enterprise-scale landing zone service offering is best for larger multi-subscription models, custom requirements, or for medium-large scale organisations. Shaping Cloud have a Foundational Landing Zone offering simpler small-scale deployments.

Why Shaping Cloud?

Tailored to you: We listen to you and design the solution based on your organisational needs.

Experienced Team: Shaping Cloud are a multi-Gold Microsoft Partner with 10 years of experience in Microsoft Technology. All of our team are Microsoft certified with extensive technical and consulting expertise. We also have a breadth of experience delivering landing zones for both the private and public sectors including legal , central and local government, and healthcare.

Working in partnership: We work in partnership with your teams so that they can continue to build from what has been implemented.


Engagement time and cost may vary depending on customer requirements