Azure Database migration consulting: 2h briefing

SMART business LLC

2h briefing will help you understand the types of Azure databases, their differences, and which type of database is best for your task

This briefing is designed to introduce you to Azure Database Services. Our experts in building and working with databases will help you understand the existing Azure Database services.

Common scenarios: • SQL Server ⟶ Azure SQL Database • SQL Server ⟶ Azure SQL Database Managed Instance • MongoDb ⟶ Azure Cosmos DB • MySQL ⟶ Azure Database for MySQL • PostgresSQL ⟶ Azure Database for PostgresSQL • DB2 ⟶ Azure SQL Database • Oracle ⟶ Azure Database for PostgresSQL (requires ora2pg)

Choosing the right type of database improves the speed of working with data and allows you to use your budget more efficiently.

As a result of the briefing, you will receive:

  • Understanding of database types in Azure
  • Which type of database is right for you
  • Recommendations on where to start with a migration assessment

Our benefits:

  • Data is protected by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • All rules and guidelines for Microsoft CSP partners are followed.
  • Zero trust model and MFA (multi-factor authentication) are used for all accounts.
  • SMART business meets all the requirements of international standards ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015, has the appropriate certificates.