Azure Virtual Desktop - 4 weeks Proof of Concept

SoftJam S.p.A.

POC for an Azure Virtual Desktop Hands-On environment without customer LOB applications.

We offer an Azure Virtual Desktop proof-of-concept deployment on your existing Azure infrastructure. This environment will consist of a resource pool containing a single virtual machine, based on the Windows 10 multi-session image with Office 365 applications, sized to handle up to 5 users. The environment will be configured with automation routines to automatically turn on/off the virtual machine and keep it running only during business hours.

We target this proof-of-concept solution for a 1-month duration. During this period, you will be able to test the user experience of a Windows 10 multi-session VDI and its integration with Office 365 applications and your services while containing Azure consumption costs; if necessary, we can extend the test period.