Azure AI-workshop:3 hrs brainstorming and educational workshop

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We guide the customer and show what type of case has been identified and what requirements are placed on both technology and competence to be able to realize the potential business case with Azure AI

Business Benefit with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We spend half a day together to find profitable business opportunities in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for your business by using Azure ML Services.

Workshop with useful focus

We assist with our experts in AI and ML, and you assist with stakeholders from your side, such as leaders, area managers, domain experts and someone from the IT side. Together, we identify your organization's opportunities and pains and match these to the opportunities around AI and ML and make a plan for practical application. As a bonus, the working group receives knowledge and experience in the subject.

Creative but methodical

The workshop begins with a creative moment where we think freely about business problems and opportunities. We then help you with the steps from the idea phase to the potential AI Business Case, where the work of finding the most profitable where we are trying to match with relevant Azure AI Cognitive services or a custom Azure ML Service. We make a rough analysis of the potential from an AI / ML perspective. Then we set criteria for the case and rank according to the perspectives: Strategy, Support, Simplicity and Examples

Rough plan

At the end of the workshop, we go through various best practice ideas and strategies to get the most out of AI / ML. We also look at the requirements placed on both technology and competence to be able to realize the potential case. Example: where is the data located today? How do we migrate on-premise Microsoft SQL Server to Azure Data Storage? What resources are needed and to what extent? What time perspective should one expect? The goal is to leave the workshop with a rough plan for one or a couple of the business opportunities.

We help you

By using Softronic, you get a safe and smooth journey towards the working methods of the future. Together, we make sure you get a modern and secure platform for your IT environment that your employees will find simple and efficient to use.

With Softronic, you get over 35 years of combined competence and experience from a number of industries where we have implemented complete IT solutions for a number of socially critical functions.

We have been around for a long time and we will continue to be there and assist you in the future. Therefore, let our AI / ML specialists make sure to maximize your organization with the help of modern tools.

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