Azure Virtual Desktop - 3Wk Proof of concept

SoftwareONE B.V.

The Azure Virtual Desktop Starter Kit delivers a workspace remotely in a fast and secure way with an optimal user experience. It also enables IT to maintain and support the environment efficiently.

This offer is in full compliance with both the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and Well-Architected Framework. It builds upon another SoftwareONE offer, the Azure Landing Zone. The project is delivered in three easy steps:

1. Prepare

Through a workshop we'll deliver knowledge and gather input for a design. This workshop deals with all components involved in an optimal Azure Virtual Desktop environment and is based on best practices. It includes all prerequisites and additional options like FSLogix. This ensures that all participants have sufficient know-how to deliver input for the next step. A questionnaire is used for gathering your input as the organization's needs and requirements are key for a successful project.

Note: From previous customers we received feedback that the workshop is a valuable preparation for the official Microsoft WVD (AVD) Advanced Specialization as well.

2. Design

After providing knowledge and gathering your needs and requirements, we are ready to create an extensive design with relevant architectural decisions.

This design is shared with you during one or more review rounds. Based on all that you've learned during the workshops, the design will be easy to understand. Only after you are happy with the design, we can proceed with the last step of this engagement.

3. Build

Your Azure Virtual Desktop environment is build based on the design. If desired, this step can be delivered as a hands-on experience together with the customer.

A handover with a guide-through and as-built documentation completes this offer. We want to ensure that you are able to understand the new environment and how to manage this optimally.

The lead time for this offer can range from 3 weeks to multiple months, depending on the requirements and type of customer. The full engagement will be detailed in a custom statement of work.