Democratize the use of Generative AI: 4 weeks to get started!


SQLI supports your business transformation and helps you democratize the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence with AI Azure Services.

SQLI helps you optimize the daily performance of your business processes, relying on Data as an essential fuel for the use of generative AI. We provide all your employees with the ability to use artificial intelligence, notably through the Copilot toolbox, or through the integration of AZURE Open AI Services. We bring our expertise by valuing Data to serve the uses of generative AI. With our expert support, at your own pace, engage the AI era. At the heart of innovation, design and improve your APPS. with your team, stay one step ahead and adopt new uses of AI a wide range of tools. In 4 weeks, make AI a reality in your organization. SQLI suggests you initiate a prototype approach with a “Proof Of Concept” (POC), allowing you to easily and quickly initiate and operate your first AI use case:

🚀 Discover and explore the galaxy of Azure AI services (Azure Openai, Llama 2, OSS LLM...) with ideation workshops to design your target uses. 🚀 Build your shared DATAbase for generative AI. 🚀 Mastering the best practices and principles of AI responsibility in content generation and search semantics (reliability, security, inclusivity, transparency, control, legality…) 🚀Train your agile and innovative multi-skilled AI team, enabling the development of your upcoming use case.

A 4-week program to co-build your first asset based on a responsible Azure Open AI solution. ⭐Week 1⭐ We align with you on your Proof of Concept (POC): • Kick-off presentation of the POC process and onboarding of stakeholders. • Interviews with the sponsor and your team, assessing the current situation and the challeng. • Design and technical validation with your IT. • Validation of the use case for the prototype launch, aligning with the current situation, vision, ambition, and success criteria. Deliverables: Workshop report, architecture document, Azure consumption evaluation.

⭐Weeks 2 and 3⭐: We assist you in building your prototype:

• Setting up the architecture and delivering environments. • Collecting, preparing, and enhancing your data. • Calibrating Prompt Engineering and optimizing models for generative AI education. • Integrating the solution into your business process: chatbot and/or API in your apps. Deliverables: Updated architecture diagram of the POC environment and delivery of source code.

⭐Week 4 ⭐ We review the POC with you and plan: • Prototype demonstration session. • Conclusion with business and IT: Complete or partial validation of the POC. • Measuring gains according to indicators defined at the start of the POC. • Building the valorization plan and industrialization steps. Deliverables: POC review, quantified and valued valorization plan.