Azure Governance Model: 5-day workshop

Sulava Oy

A governance model provides an organisation with a blueprint on how Azure is used within the organisation, and provides the guidelines for administrators on how the Azure services will be managed.

Contents of the Governance Model

The goal of the Governance Model is to give the organisation a blueprint and guidance on how to configure, manage and maintain the following areas of an Azure environment:

  • Subscription and subscription policies
  • Cost management and reporting
  • Resource groups and resource allocation
  • User authentication, authorisation and access control
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Naming convention
  • Networking and network related services
  • Monitoring and logging
  • Update management
  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • Security and data protection
  • Change management
  • Support

The Governance model is created through five half-day to one-day long workshops attended by both Sulava consultants and the customers IT personnel. The goal of the workshops is to assess the customers current situation, goals and requirements, to obtain the necessary information for creating the Governance model, and to pass on knowledge on Azure and best practices to the customer. The workshop topics are divided into five half-day to one-day long workshops:

  • Workshop 1: Current customer situation and environment, Goals and requirements, Azure basics (accounts and privileges, subscriptions, resource groups)
  • Workshop 2: Current management processes and tools, management in Azure, security in Azure
  • Workshop 3: Azure networks, connectivity between onpremise and Azure
  • Workshop 4: Deployment model and schedule, migrating existing resources to Azure
  • Workshop 5: Conclusion and final report

The outcome of the project is a Governance model that will guide the customer in Azure deployment and management. The Governance model is a living document and will require constant updating and maintenance.

The price of the workshop series is estimated, and covers the workshops and the preparation of the Governance Model for a typical Azure environment. The price may vary from the estimate, if the customers Azure environment is very complex.