Azure Strategy Free 4 Hour Workshop


A FREE 4 hour workshop for organisations interested in moving to Microsoft Azure and require help to develop a strategy to migrate suitable workloads and manage it going forward.

This workshop is for organisations that are interested in the potential of Azure but want to understand the approach needed to present a formal case to senior management.

We carry out a workshop, on site, with key members of your IT team, to understand your infrastructure and application estate and outline the available approaches and the implications for design, planning, migration, operations, costs and management.

Through a high level discovery of your environment, we outline a roadmap to present to management to seek internal support and budget. We can provide a high level proposal covering: assessment criteria, migration options, interoperability of on-premises and Azure infrastructure, the Azure tools you would most benefit from, the costs of migration and ongoing usage, and the operational benefits.

Workshop Agenda

  • Introduction to Azure and services/tools available
  • High level understanding of customer environment
  • Discussion on suitable workloads and migration options
  • High level proposal produced post workshop

The post workshop document is a credible, strategic proposal with estimated costs from a services and consumption perspective.

Working with you we look closely at the drivers - end-of-life data centre, different ways of delivering apps – and assess what an Azure roadmap would look like in terms of resourcing and investment.


We detail how Azure could work for you and discuss key components such as connectivity and security. The resulting proposal can be presented as an official document to your senior management.

Following the proposal, we can also work with you to create a more in-depth strategy, planning your move to Azure with more accurate costs and a detailed plan.