TERABYTE App Migration -1 month Proof of Concept

Terabyte Net Solution PLC. (Terabyte)

To determine which workload ready to migrate to Cloud, plan & prepare the migration task to be success

TERABYTE will help your organization have insight and perform lift and shift or deploy your Application both legacy or modern application i.e. Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, .NET Application , Mobile and Container service as seamless

TERABYTE Proof of Concept (PoC) aims to verify defined success criteria in evaluating the solutions fit for purpose.

Proof Of Concept Objectives Successfully migrating the current and new application into Azure and achieve compliance standards such as cyber essentials plus or NIST.

Our offer service will provide your organization with benefits and outcome as follow

  • The customer will have an insight and confident to move application to Azure
  • Minimize project timeframe and risk when migrating App & DB to Azure
  • Help your organization to optimize TCO in Datacenter and operation cost
  • Get the benefit from other cloud service such Disaster Recovery and Advanced Data Analytics

Proof of Concept App & DB Migration Service deliverables

  • Discuss with the customer which workload that plan to migrate
  • Prepare migration plan and proof of concept environment
  • Start POC migrating sample workload to Azure
  • Test / Verify the service with the customer
  • Summary POC Result & report [Optional]
  • Perform Assessment the application that the customer plan to move to the cloud
  • Submit the proposal and budgetary for project planning