SAP on Azure Assesment & Design : 2-Wks Assessment


The service provides assesment and design of the architecture for SAP workloads hosted in Azure cloud infrastructure, combining processes, supporting services and best practices.

SAP on Azure Assesment & Design : 2-Wks Assessment

The scope of the deployment services includes assessing the current customer architecture and designing the new SAP on the Public Cloud ecosystem. Before the transformation to the future-proof SAP on Azure can be started, the business requirements and current infrastructure need to be carefully analysed and customer-specific reference architecture designed.

The following transformation types are offered in the Tietoevry SAP on Azure reference architecture :

o Brownfield o Greenfield o Bluefield (Hybrid)

Utilizing Azure as SAP platform provides clear benefits:

  1. reliable, certified infrastructure with global reach.
  2. high-fidelity, on-demand platforms and services with automation.
  3. infrastructure as a code enabling fast deployment and support operations with minimum or no downtime.
  4. cost efficiencies due to on-demand infrastructure, multiple licensing possibilities, and implementation and optimization models; and
  5. scalability, including for business.