Generative AI : Bootstrap on Azure OPEN AI in 4 weeks


A complete Generative AI Bootsrtap offering that combines technological expertise, design approach and key product culture in order to build desirable and viable services with Azure OPEN AI

According to the 2022 IBM Global AI Adoption Index, 34% of companies worldwide have deployed AI in their processes, and 42% are exploring use cases. ChatGPT crossed the one million user milestone in 5 days of launch and set the record for the fastest growing platform by gaining 100 million users in January. Microsoft Bing has just passed the milestone of 100 million daily active users for the first time ever, thanks to Bing Chat AI. The annoucement of Microsoft of the intégration of OPEN AI in all the solutions (Dynamics, Power Apps, Microsoft 365, Azure) open a new era of business uses cases.

We are ideally placed to embrace thoses challenges of the generative AI revolution based on Microsoft plateform because they will profoundly impact the business processes we master :

  • INNOVATION-DRIVEN : We have been supporting the democratization of conversational AI for more than 10 years through a resolutely multidisciplinary approach (R&D, design, business, technology).
  • END TO END : From consulting to operations, from design to delivery, from front to back, our Buiness Unit Microsoft support you throughout your value chain and cover the entire application landscape that orchestrates it (ERP, business app, Data, Digital dev).
  • BUSINESS PROCESS : We support the optimization and digital transformation of the company's functional departments (customer relations, marketing, omnichannel distribution, human resources, industrial management, purchasing and finance).

References: We have been avidly exploring natural interfaces for over 10 years. We have accompanied more than 30 conversational projects from exploration, design to implementation and integration with existing systems (selections below) 2011- 2017: Research center specialized in semantic web and NLP (2011-2017) 2015: Chatbot messenger Phil d'ACCOR 2016: VISEO: Launch of our own open source botmaker backed by Microsoft bot framework 2107: Sephora Messenger Chatbot (Ora) 2018: GROUPAMA Design and internal bot development - Roadmap management 2019: SEPHORA - Voice Bot Assistant 2019: Great IT Manufacturer: Chatbot factory World on internal/external bots 2020: AXA - Framing industrialization conversational platform Asia (Emma) 2021: L'OREAL - IT service chatbot personality framing 2022: ACCOR - State of the art and conversational ecosystem benchmark 2023: LUXURY HOUSE - Generative AI ecosystem exploration and experimentation on Azure OPEN AI

OUR APPROACH in 4 weeks : A scoping study for your complete Generative AI solution that combines :

  • Technological expertise on : - Azure OPEN AI and Langchain, - New features of the Power Platform as with the future release on Power Virtual Agent, - The future of Copilot intégration

  • Design approach

  • Key product culture in order to build desirable and viable services.

  • UNDERSTAND Internal analysis: understanding of our customers' internal processes and applications. External analysis: choice of tools, benchmarks, market understanding Risks: study of the risks of integrating generative AI tools (technical, legal, orga)

  • IMAGINE and PLAN Ideation: Work on specific business use cases Impact studies: for each use case, understand the full impact on the organization Co-construction roadmaps and prioritization and planning In order to then be able to build the solution.