Skytap on Azure: 1 Hour Briefing

Wipro Ltd

Wipro's Skytap on Azure with Wipro’s scalable services - Transform your traditional applications to Azure without rewriting them

Skytap on Azure is a cloud service designed to natively run power and x86 traditional enterprise application in Azure. It is a cloud computing service that runs traditional enterprise workloads natively in the cloud. Skytap allows companies of any size running IBM AIX, IBM i, Linux based operating systems, or traditional x86 workloads to easily move them to Azure.

Skytap enables IBM Power workloads to be run on Azure without any rewriting, creating a faster path to the cloud at lower costs. Companies benefit instantly from having core cloud infrastructure capabilities and the ability for developers to innovate across these applications sooner through integration into Azure’s full suite of other services such as analytics and compute.

Why Wipro?

  1. Skytap and Wipro provide a joint service framework that help reduce lead time and effort and make it easier to quickly scale the application to production with enterprise wide service level agreements.

  2. Skytap is Wipro’s proven partner with deep IBM Power and Azure expertise to meet your cloud business objectives.

  3. Skytap is deployed as part of a cloud adoption strategy to enable mission critical application migration.

  4. A dedicated team for application migration to Skytap Azure.

  5. A pre integrated accelerator for deployment from discovery (pilot) to production