Azure Virtual Desktop Starter Pack - 4 Wk PoC

Xenit AB

We give you a tailor made proof of concept to get started on you cloud journey with a virtual desktop in Azure!

Increase your freedom with a virtual desktop! A virtual desktop gives your end users access to their desktop, programs, and application no matter where, when or from which device. For your IT-department, a virtual desktop means scalable costs, centrally controlled desktops and accesses, and increased security. After the mini project you will have a deeper understanding and a look and feel of Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure.

The delivery includes:

• Governance and documentation.

• Subscription design and access/ permission.

• Landing zone with AD, DNS and FW for on-prem connection.

• Decision of evaluation application, choice of operating system (RDS and/ or Windows 10 multi user).

• Collection of test users and definition of success criteria.

• Set of PoC and testing of users.

• Completion and evaluation project.

Project content:

  1. Workshop – Free Together, we will lay the foundation to realize your digital dreams! During this workshop, we will look at where you are today, where you want to be and how we will get there.

  2. Planning The scope of the project is framed, and we provide you with a basis for decision-making consisting of; implementation plan with sub-steps, time estimates and work process.

  3. Implementation Time to deliver! We implement and carry out all necessary activities to start your cloud journey!

  4. Evaluation & Next Step Together with Microsoft, we will evaluate the project and plan for your next step on your cloud journey.

  5. Maintenace and new projects After the project, you have the opportunity to use our support agreement for operations and management. You can also choose to continue with another project.