5 day Mainframe Migration Workshop to Azure

Zensar Technologies Ltd

Get expert analysis, prescriptive guidance and advice tailored to your organization’s mainframe modernization goals and challenges from our seasoned architects and strategists when migrating to Azure.

While the decision to start modernizing legacy systems to Microsoft Azure may be challenging, it can take your business to the next level. Modernizing your applications lets you take advantage of digital trends, grow revenues, reduce time-to-market, support new business models including use of mobility, and align business and IT objectives. In addition, you can also provide continuous delivery of solutions using Agile methods.

With this workshop we aid your decision for the transformation journey to Azure with a deep dive session to establish the financial justification - ROI and TCO, Target Reference Architectures for 9 towers ranging from application to testing, right path to Data Strategy and a clear Digital Road Map to the future.

You will step out with a clear mainframe modernization vision for your company with actionable next steps.

The workshop has helped our customers accelerate their mainframe modernization to Azure. Our deep expertise, unique agile methodology, extensive experience and IP accelerators sets us apart from the competition, making us the right partner to navigate your Azure journey.

Agenda of the workshop


  1. Introduction to Mainframe Modernization to Azure
  2. Workshop on Azure track in modernization


  1. Workshop on Networking & Security
  2. Workshop on Application track in modernization


  1. Workshop on Data Migration Track
  2. Workshop on DevSecOps on Azure


  1. Workshop Testing Track
  2. Workshop on Integration Track


  1. Workshop on the Azure cost benefit analysis

Learn More at https://experience.zensar.com/mainframemodernizationworkshop/