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AuriQ Systems, Inc.
Log file viewer, manager, and big-data processing engine for Azure
AuriQ Essentia is a big data toolkit that provides improved data visibility, management, and analytics of your cloud-based data lake. Features include:
  • Easy categorization of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data across public, private or hybrid cloud architectures. Users can view and perform batch-processing on petabytes of data as easily as working with a single file.
  • Works with data as is and in place, without moving or modifying original cloud data stores.
  • Direct SQL style queries on raw data enables immediate insights into data without the burden of loading it first into a database.
  • In-memory NoSQL database enables fast analytics, creating data insights with less complexity as compared to other solutions such as Apache Spark.
  • Data pre-processor allows for extremely fast and easy-to-code ETL operations, dramatically improving your data pipeline performance compared to Hadoop.

Essentia instantly increases the value of the data lake through rapid delivery and harmonization of datasets that improve business insights, decision support and predictive analytics applications. Use-cases include; log analytics, web analytics, Internet of Things analytics, and hybrid-cloud data visibility.