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Nexus Enterprise Software

Query, integrate, see tables visually, graph/chart and perform cross-system joins across systems.
The Nexus is the greatest BI tool ever built! It puts the business user on the same playing field with the data scientist. With the click of a button Nexus queries all systems, converts tables and data between systems and moves data as fast as lightning. Even more brilliantly, the Nexus shows tables and views visually and provides a menu to display all other tables and views that can be joined. Users point and click on the columns they want on their report, and Nexus builds the SQL automatically. Users can even join tables and views from different systems and Nexus will automatically build the SQL, data conversion and ETL scripts using Artificial Intelligence performance tuning analysis. All answer sets are placed in the Nexus “Garden of Analysis” and the user can retrieve dozens of additional reports, chart and graphs within seconds. What is truly amazing is that all “Garden of Analysis” calculations are done inside Nexus.