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DataSunrise Data & Database Security for Azure

DataSunrise, Inc
DataSunrise Data & Database Security, Data Audit, Data Masking and Data Discovery, heterogenious DBs
DataSunrise Database & Data Security is a cross-platform, high-performance software, secures databases on Microsoft Azure or on premises in real-time. MS SQL Server, Azure SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Teradata, MySQL, DB2, MariaDB, Netezza, Greenplum, others. DataSunrise includes database firewall, Dynamic & Static Data Masking, Discovery of Sensitive Data, Data Audit & Database Activity Monitoring. DataSunrise prevents SQL injections, monitors requests from clients applications to a database and controls the responses from the database. DataSunrise also protects and masks the data from any unwanted requests. DataSunrise prevents SQL injection attacks by intelligently detecting the SQL injections in real time and immediately blocking such type of requests. DataSunrise defends the databases and protects companies sensitive data from outside threats and internal security breaches.