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DenyAll Web Application Firewall - WAF & WSF & WAM

DenyAll Web Application Firewall provides Websites and WebServices security.

Protecting your Web sites and services against modern threats

DenyAll WAF protects your web-enabled IT against denial of service attacks, defacement attempts, intrusion and data leakage risks. It has a proven track-record of blocking attacks targeting Internet facing sites, intranet and extranet applications, databases queried by mobile apps and Web Services.



  • Web Application Firewall (WAF): to protect the web applications vital to every business against external threats and to assure continuous service;
  • Web Services Firewall (WSF): to protect the infrastructure, information networks and application servers against attacks while preventing denial of service and anticipating traffic overload;
  • Web Access Management (WAM): to simplify Web access authentication while maintaining a high level of security, without agent deployment on the application server.

About DenyAll

DenyAll is a software vendor an expert in application security. For 15 years, we have been helping demanding customers secure their web applications and services. Our products detect IT vulnerabilities, protect infrastructures against modern attacks targeting the application layer and connect users to the applications which allows them to create and share information.