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ESET Remote Administrator

Web-based remote administration console for managing security on company endpoints and servers.

Empower your IT staff to oversee security of entire company network from a single web-based console.

ESET Remote Administrator is the single-pane-of-glass console designed to manage ESET’s broad portfolio of security solutions for desktops, servers and mobile devices. Equipped with an interactive dashboard and easy-to-navigate layout, it provides optimized user experience for organizations of all sizes. Web-based management lets you handle security events, update signature databases, run reports, and enforce consistent security policies with ease from wherever there’s an Internet connection.

Remote endpoints deployment and updates

Reduce IT workload - easily deploy remotely and set up automatic signature and scanning engine updates of all endpoints and servers in your network.

Comprehensive policy and task management

Use the intuitive Policy Manager to easily edit, merge or inherit custom rules or use default policies. Automate tasks execution based on various triggers and save time of your IT staff.

Enhanced incident monitoring

Monitor incidents such as network attacks or unprotected clients and take immediate actions directly via ESET Remote Administrator.

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