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HVR for Microsoft Azure

HVR Software
HVR's real-time data replication software for Microsoft Azure

HVR offers real-time heterogeneous data replication software across platforms including Azure. With HVR, you can move large volumes of data faster and experience continuous data flow between on-premises and in the cloud with low latency. See how our easy-to-implement and easy-to-manage data-replication solution can help you ensure data access and accuracy.

HVR for Azure can be used for:

  • Integrating Azure data with on-premises systems
  • Inter-cloud integration and migration
  • Zero downtime migrations to and from Azure
In addition to continuous replication with (log based) CDC, HVR for Azure supports batch/initial load of data and compare/repair (in both directions). This combination will enable you to:
  • Always keep data on-premises and cloud in-sync
  • Validate consistency between on premises and cloud data sets
  • Reload data into the cloud
  • Fall-back to on-premises without losing cloud transactions
All in a single solution.

HVR for Azure contains all necessary components to connect to Azure SQL DB and DW, Microsoft SQL and Oracle, enabling replication from/into all supported on-premises platforms (including DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, File Systems, HDFS and others). With a few clicks, the Azure platform is ready to receive or send data through HVR.