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Asianux Server 4 SP5

The Best Enterprise Linux OS with Premium and Long-Term Technical Support

Asianux is a Linux server operating system which is aiming at the common-standard enterprise Linux platform for Enterprise systems in Asia. “Asianux Server 4” integrates the advanced Linux technologies to deliver more value to enterprise users in terms of high capability, reliability, safety and improved security. It has achieved many implementation in the Japanese Enterprise software market over 15 years. "Asianux Server 4" keeps compatibillity with "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6".

“Asianux Server Support program” delivers enterprise-class support which is optimized for Japanese customers by MIRACLE LINUX’s engineers. MIRACLE LINUX is committed to delivering high quality support services to help ensure that customers reliably operate their system including mission-critical systems with severe and critical requirements. It also meets the increasing requirements of Linux OS in virtual environment.

MIRACLE LINUX offer excellent support experience with an Asianux subscription and bring more value to enterprise users.


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