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Sundown AI Inc Connection Pooler

Sundown AI Inc

Production-ready advanced multi-threaded connection pooler and request router for PostgreSQL

The connection pooler (SCP) is a production-ready advanced multi-threaded connection pooler and request router for PostgreSQL.
Some of the main features are:
  • - Multi-threaded processing built in, it can significantly scale processing performance by specifying a number of additional worker threads. Each worker thread is responsible for authentication and proxying client-to-server and server-to-client requests. All worker threads are sharing global server connection pools. Multi-threaded design plays an important role in SSL/TLS performance.
  • - Advanced transactional pooling, it tracks current transaction state and in case of unexpected client disconnection can emit automatic Cancel connection and do Rollback of abandoned transaction, before putting server connection back to the server pool for reuse. Additionally, the last server connection owner client is remembered to reduce a need for setting up client options on each client-to-server assignment.
  • - Allows to define connection pools as a pair of Database and User. Each defined pool can have separate authentication, pooling mode and limits settings.
  • - Has full-featured SSL/TLS support and common authentication methods like: md5 and clear text both for client and server authentication. Additionally it allows to block each pool user separately.
  • - Logging generates universally unique identifiers uuid for client and server connections. Any log events and client error responses include the id, which then can be used to uniquely identify client and track actions. SCP can save log events into log file and using system logger.