FastCollect from Archive360

Archive360, Inc.

FastCollect from Archive360

Archive360, Inc.

Compliant, secure, fast migration and onboarding of your data estates to Azure for 80+ data types

Archive360 - FastCollect is a powerful data migration and onboarding platform based on a legally-compliant data validation engine. Since 2012, Archive360 has helped more organizations worldwide successfully migrate their archives, journals and legacy data than any other vendor.

Rapidly migrate and onboard 80+ data types to Azure while maintaining 100% data fidelity and chain of custody. Meets all required regulatory compliance requirements – zero source data conversion or compromise during the migration and onboarding process.

  • Cloud-based for cost and speed
    Zero on-premises hardware, storage and SQL databases reduces costs, accelerating timelines and increases accuracy - plus eliminating the burden on your infrastructure and security teams.
  • Support for 80+ data types

· Legacy archives (including EV,, SourceOne, MX Logic, Digital Safe, Mimecast, Smarsh, Global Relay, Proofpoint, ZL, C2C, EAS, NearPoint, EmailXtender,  Gwava, MessageOne, Dell Quest, HPCA, AXS-One, OpenText, Commvault, Zovy, Metalogix - and more). 

· Legacy application data

· PSTs and NSFs

· Journals

· Sharepoint

· Files and file systems

  • Fast, Accurate Migration
    FastCollect utilizes multiple connections directly to your data bypassing the API which is 10 – 20x faster than conventional migration options and ensures no data is lost in the process.
  • Accelerate your Azure Onboarding
    Full integration with Azure, Exchange, Office365, and Archive2Azure, enabling data to be transferred while maintaining chain of custody and orphaned/corrupt data reporting
  • Stub Management
    Uniquely capable of cleaning up the mess created in Exchange by legacy email archives that were “stubbed” email for mailbox size reduction
  • Exclusive Journal Migration
    Archive360 offers 5 different options for migrating your journal archive including our own Azure-based journal manager. All of our options ensure full chain of custody of your data.
  • Data Security
    During migration/onboarding, optionally scan, tag and quarantine data (i.e. data that contains PII or other sensitive information), classify and encrypt.