Aztute Public Health Solution

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Aztute Public Health Solution

Aztute Corp.

A comprehensive Public Health solution to keep communities safe and healthy - Get started in days!

Aztute Precision Public Health Platform enables Public and Private Health Agencies and their stakeholders to keep their communities safe and healthy with a comprehensive set of tools designed to DETECT, RESPOND to, RECOVER from and PREVENT health crisis

Aztute allows organizations to rapidly DETECT potential health and environmental issues via:

    • Use of mobile devices and other smart technologies to capture and monitor data collected directly from the community.
    • Integration of 3rd party data and interoperability with external systems.
    • Targeted testing and surveillance tools.
    • Automated Detection: via rules-based algorithms to detect abnormal patterns or changes
    • Customized, Online Community Needs Assessments leveraging Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) data

Aztute enables organizations to effectively RESPOND with the appropriate action via:

    • Realtime, Secure Collaboration with Community members, partners and other stakeholders
    • Targeted Communications
    • Generation and distribution of established policies, protocols, guidelines and evidence-based content
    • Multi-channel Content Distribution - emails, text alerts, apps, online chat, websites, kiosks
    • Non-Pharmaceutical Intervention (NPI) tools for Case Management, Surveillance, and Quarantine Management

Aztute provides organizations the ability to deploy successful policies and interventions to RECOVER from a crisis via:

    • Online referrals to other agencies and providers
    • Telehealth Counseling
    • Automated distribution of targeted content
    • Customizable Inspection and Compliance tools

Aztute enables organizations to institute processes to PREVENT potential crisis from occurring via:

    • Powerful predictive analytics engine to prepare for and proactively respond to emerging health crisis.
    • Delivery of evidence-based health education and content to promote good health
    • Target populations or areas based on SDOH analysis

Rapidly deployable solutions for:

    • Outbreak Management (COVID-19)
    • Communicable Diseases Prevention
    • Chronic Disease Prevention &
    • Health Promotion
    • Mental Health
    • Substance Abuse Prevention
    • Harm Reduction
    • Maternal, Child, &Adolescent Health Program
    • Youth Services
    • Clinical Nursing
    • Community Health Needs Assessments
    • Immunization and Vaccination

Secured, Scalable Enterprise Solution:

Aztute is built on the Microsoft Health Cloud which provides our customers the essential open, flexible, secure, and rapidly deployable technology and content.

    • HIPAA compliant
    • Support for FHIR (Data Interoperability)
    • Flexible Deployment (Pure SaaS, Hybrid, Bring your own Cloud/Datacenter
    • Advance Localization
    • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • Microservice Architecture
    • Customized UI/Themes/App branding
    • Automation/Workflows
    • B2C/B2B Authentication/Multi-factor/Single Sign-on
    • Support for Kubernetes, Docker for Large-Scale Deployments