DreamFactory packaged by Bitnami


DreamFactory packaged by Bitnami


Up-to-date, secure, and ready to run virtual machine.

DreamFactory is an automated API generation and management gateway for mobile, web, and IoT applications. Capable of generating full featured, fully documented APIs for almost two dozen databases including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and MongoDB, DreamFactory can dramatically reduce the time and effort required to bring a new application to market.

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REST API generators are also available for file storage, Redis and Memcached, e-mail, and push notifications. Third-party APIs and SOAP services are also supported, allowing for API composition through DreamFactory's scripting interface.

The scripting interface supports four languages, including Node.js, Python (2 and 3), PHP, and JavaScript. Third-party libraries and packages can be easily imported into the scripting environment, and business logic can be added to both the request and response side of the API workflow, allowing for data validation, data masking, and response transformation.

All APIs are automatically protected by an API key, and point-and-click role-based access controls allow administrators to selectively grant access to specific endpoints and/or HTTP methods. For instance, by restricting a Microsoft SQL Server API to GET-only requests, you can be sure your data is only available in read-only mode. In addition to API keys, DreamFactory supports numerous authentication options, including: JWT sessions, Active Directory, LDAP, OAuth, OpenID Connect, SAML, etc.

Point-and-click request volume limiting controls can be imposed, ensuring valuable system resources are not abused, and reducing the possibility of malicious data theft through outside parties or data exfiltration. Logging support is available through the Elastic Stack, allowing for real-time monitoring of API volume, API key usage, and more. This latest DreamFactory release additionally includes support for restricted administrator configuration and API lifecycle monitoring.

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