CloudFrame Relocate For Azure

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CloudFrame Relocate For Azure

Cloudframe, Inc.

Accelerate Cloud Adoption of Mainframe COBOL Workloads for BIG Savings

Relocate For Azure

Shift Costly Mainframe COBOL Workloads to Azure Cloud

Companies focused on reducing mainframe costs can achieve significant savings with CloudFrame Relocate For Azure.

Mainframe processing costs are significant, and mainframe hardware and software costs continue to see year after year increases. CloudFrame Relocate For Azure lets companies realize the cost-benefit of Azure Cloud computing without enduring a long, costly application migration project.

Relocate For Azure allows organizations to maintain their existing COBOL development and maintenance processes, access mainframe data sources, and utilize mainframe processes. No data conversion or migration is necessary, and there are no disruptions to the existing process. Relocate For Azure is a near-zero risk modernization approach that delivers tremendous ROI.

Transformation is accelerated by utilizing the CloudFrame COBOL Scanner to identify best-case scenarios. Companies can typically reduce time-to-value to just a few months.

  • Shift COBOL Applications Processing to Cloud Without the Risk
Enables seamless Azure Cloud deployments without the risk of changing data or application integration. Ensures 100% functional and data equivalency.

  • Reduce Mainframe MIPS Usage And Batch Windows

By shifting workloads off the mainframe to Azure Cloud, freed capacity lowers MIPS utilization and can take pressure off tight mainframe Batch windows.

  • Lower Application Mainframe Platform Costs

Shift COBOL workloads on Azure Cloud and significantly reduce mainframe COBOL and DB2 processing costs. Potential for millions in savings.

  • Automated cross-compile based on configuration. No coding is necessary.

The cross-compile process is fully automated and can be configured based on your organization’s requirements. Preprocess analysis with CloudFrame COBOL Scanner ensures successful results optimized for Azure Cloud execution.

Leverage Cost Savings to Fund Future Modernization Initiatives

CloudFrame Relocate For Azure Overview

Automated Batch COBOL workload relocation to Azure Cloud while maintaining backward compatibility to mainframe data, integration, and operational continuity. Mainframe developers continue to maintain COBOL while performance-optimized Java runs on the Cloud.

  • COBOL to Java Cross-Compile - Fully automated process integrated into existing Source Management processes.
  • Backward Compatibility - allows programs running in Azure Cloud to access mainframe data, COBOL Load Modules, 3rd party programs, and schedulers without requiring data or infrastructure changes.
  • 100% Functional and Numeric Equivalency - Ensure your business data is processed exactly as its COBOL predecessor.

  • Batch Job Priced – Pricing is based on batch job requirements (i.e., frequency).