VNS3 PeopleVPN (6.2.x)

Cohesive Networks

VNS3 PeopleVPN (6.2.x)

Cohesive Networks

Your work may be remote, but with PeopleVPN you are not.

Cohesive Networks PeopleVPN

How to login: Default password is derived from instance name and private ip: "azure instance name-azure private ip". For example, if the Azure instance name is “my-vns3” and the private VNET IP is “”, the password is “my-vns3-”. We do this because the Azure portal does not make the virtual instance ID readily visible. For more information:

First 10 users are included at not cost

Businesses are increasingly adopting remote work practices both our of choice and necessity. Overall the global workforce is becoming increasingly distributed. Cohesive Networks wants to help make this transition easier for teams of all sizes with a solution that is easy to setup and works.

Remote Access VPN - Connect team members via secure and private VPN tunnel.

Easy to Configure - VM launches and pre-configures for quick and easy deployment. Simple distribute the VPN credentials to your remote team and you're ready to go.

Scalable - For higher availability, multi-region, multi-cloud solution contact Cohesive Networks to learn more about our Workforce Service Edge solution.

Additional Features

  • NAT Gateway: configure your VNS3 PeopleVPN as a network address translation (NAT) gateway to enable VMs in your VNET and remote VPN users to connect to the internet or other Azure services, but prevent the internet from initiating a connection with those VMs.
  • Stateful Firewall: VNS3 PeopleVPN includes a robust firewall to allow segmentation and traffic controls traffic from remote vpn clients to the cloud, from the cloud, and connections in the cloud.