Collabspace DISCOVERY: Cross-Platform eDiscovery


Collabspace DISCOVERY: Cross-Platform eDiscovery


Search All Content Repositories For One Set of Unified Results. Fulfill FOI ATIP eDiscovery Requests

Collabspace is a highly-scalable Intelligent Content Management cloud service that enables organizations to connect to and archive content from multiple repositories so content can be securely searched and accessed via multiple mediums and devices.

This eDiscovery tool is beyond basic! This enterprise-wide search application reveals all your dark data. Content connectors stream and auto index all your files into a data lake in real-time to achieve comprehensive visibility, multi-level permissioned access and effective collaboration.

Collabspace DISCOVERY Features

Get All the Encrypted Collabspace ARCHIVE Benefits plus these Search Capabilities that Analyze huge volumes of Data Quickly and Return Results in Milliseconds.

Unified Search Results

Get results from all content repositories within 1 configurable view of organized results and set your column views based on what you need to see.

Legal Holds

Collect and suspend records relevant to a case so they cannot be destroyed, altered or moved. Set appropriate access permissions and export for external reviews and processing.

Keyword Extraction

Identify and understand key text and phrases contained in your content at a glance without reading it, including color coding and relevancy percentages.

OCR for PDFs, Tiffs & Image Files

Automatic OCR (optical character recognition), indexing and text extraction from traditionally non-text-searchable documents, including PDFs, TIFFs, JPEGS and other images

Audio & Video Transcription

Media files are automatically processed to extract the vocal transcription for search indexing

Object Detection

Pre-trained machine learning models identify objects in images, and present the counts of each object type.

Sentiment Analysis

Determine if content is positive, negative or neutral. Gauge public opinion, brand reputation, market research; and monitor/better understand customer interactions.

Entity Extraction

Pre-trained machine learning models identify specific entities in your content, including people, places, objects, laws, and more.

Integration Support

Convert exported results into other formats, such as PST, so that they can be integrated into other systems.

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