Ekran System Insider Threat Management Solution

Ekran System Inc

Ekran System Insider Threat Management Solution

Ekran System Inc

Deter, detect and disrupt insider threats by implementing Ekran System

Ekran System is an insider risk management solution which helps organizations mitigate insider threats by deterring, detecting, and disrupting threats from internal users of their IT infrastructure. Enterprises can achieve the highest level of insider threat protection for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments by implementing Ekran System.

What does Ekran System do?

  • Deter. Insider threats are deterred via access control, as the platform offers identity management and access management within a single endpoint agent. This includes privileged access and session management via a jump box, password management, request access workflow, two-factor authentication, and other features.

  • Detect. Security teams can use Ekran System to detect an incident by using monitoring and alerts. The software monitors, records, and audits all user activity on critical endpoints, critical data, and critical configurations. It provides an alerting subsystem that includes both customizable rules and AI-powered user behavior analysis.

  • Disrupt. Ekran System delivers real-time notifications to your security team together with the full context. It also provides several incident response features including user warning and blocking, potentially dangerous process blocking, and USB device alerting and blocking so that security teams can disrupt insider threats.

Why do organizations choose Ekran System?

  • A lightweight software agent and highly optimized formats for storing data

  • Full desktop and server OS support

  • Enterprise-ready

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • Major user-based risk management controls in a single platform

  • Fast incident response with a visually structured evidence trail

  • AI-based compromised account detection

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