EVOLVE365 Security - maximize Security for Microsoft 365

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EVOLVE365 Security - maximize Security for Microsoft 365

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Secure your Microsoft 365 environment and improve protection for your company by up to 95%

As an owner of a small or medium-sized business - or responsible for IT - you’re facing a lot of concerns regarding cybersecurity. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not solve all of them within Microsoft 365, but they deliver the instruments to secure your precious data.

EVOLVE365 Security implements those instruments and improves the security within Microsoft 365 by enabling strong protection on all sign ins as well as additional security measures. All sign in requests will be continuously reviewed and potential threats will be handled.

The keyword for strong protection is multifactor authentication, as well known as MFA or 2FA. By using another factor like SMS or an app you are strengthening security by up to 95%. But since you don't want to bother your colleagues with a lot of SMS and this additional hassle EVOLVE365 Security provides an intelligent rule set. Only potential threatful sign ins will cause a request for MFA. This makes sure that no time gets wasted and everybody can work efficiently.

EVOLVE365 Security gives you one less major security concern for 5 CHF per user per month. Every user with an Azure Active Director Premium P1 License will be automatically licensed.

Key Features

  • Firewall for Microsoft 365: In Microsoft 365 is no firewall available. Because in Microsoft 365 there is for every action an account required, we use accounts as a replacement for the firewall. By strengthening all accounts, the security risk of a malicious sign in will be reduced massively. Evolve365 Security implements based on your information a smart rule set. This provides a secure and efficient sign in behaviour for colleagues.
  • Monitoring of Microsoft 365: All sign ins into Microsoft 365 will be monitored and reviewed. If EVOLVE365 Security finds potential threats they will get investigated and if needed, people get contacted. This can be either you and/or the affected person.

Try it out yourself

If you are curious how secure your environment is, please check out our free assessment available at It will point out potential risks and the estimated cost.

Get started

  • Subscribe to the Evolve365 Security to be forwarded to our Portal and provide permissions in Microsoft 365 - you need to have global admin permissions.
  • Then you get asked for contact details of the responsible person - most likely you or your IT Service provider. This person will be notified if there are security improvements to be done.
  • Optional: Next you can provide additional information to improve your sign in experience for Microsoft 365. For example, you can provide the fixed IP-Address of your office location, an e-mail address of a service user to allow this user to sign in without MFA and as well when the protection of all employees should start.
  • The day after all users, which will be protected, will get an e-mail with instructions on how to protect their account.