T1 Helpdesk Automation

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T1 Helpdesk Automation

Global Technology Integrator Ltd.

Transform your helpdesk operation to improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction

Cloud-based solution allows you to provide support anytime, anywhere for improved customer satisfaction. Teams Channel integration for instant collection and categorization of service requests. Automated workflow supports case opening, customer notification and case closing to boost productivity. Case handling and monitoring in mobile app to enhance business agility. Data and knowledge repository available for dashboard presentation and analysis.

  • Faster respond time and reduce human error
  • Accelerate incident resolution and service request fulfilment
  • Increase agility on case handling and monitoring

1. Boost Productivity for Superior Customer Support — Increasing Support Capacity

  • Workflow automation and orchestration, reducing training cycle
  • Repetitive tasks automation avoiding burnout
  • Allocating more resources to higher value-added services, not admin drudgery
2. Increase Customer Satisfaction and Confidence — Reducing Churn Rate
  • Keeping customer be informed with automated notification
  • Avoiding human error with consistent service delivery
  • Improving customer communication to foster good relationship

3. Accelerate Business Resilience and Agility — Responding to Impending Challenges Quickly

  • Mobility on case handling and monitoring
  • Accessing data in real-time and anywhere with cloud-based solution
  • Operational agility to adapt to market dynamics
Avoiding the bottleneck in ITSM lifecycle
  • Automatically open and close case, send email notification and store data without human intervention
  • Reduce 99.99% of time spend on recurring activities
  • More resources allocate to complex issues in ITSM workflow
GTI + Microsoft Power Platform
  • Drive helpdesk digitalization and automated collaboration

  • Faster incident/service request resolution and foster customer communication

  • Manage business processes to support strategic activities associated with the digital transformation

GTI + Microsoft Power Apps
  • Build custom apps to support operation mobility and agility

  • Faster time-to-market with low-code innovation
  • Ensure business continuity with modernize workflow
An offer to get you started
  • A cloud-based solution to automate T1 Helpdesk support for business success
  • A quickly build end-to-end business operation with automated workflow
  • Fast time-to-market, accelerate operation mobility to cope with business challenges quickly