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Create comics for your website or app with an API

Comicgen is for storytellers 

Storytellers want to share a message and change their audience. But they worry that their content is not engaging or "catchy" enough to drive the change.

1. Comics are "catchy". That makes them a powerful way to engage the audience. 

2. Comics are simple. Comics signal that the content is simple, interesting, and funny. Authors often write simpler content for comics, making it come true. 

3. Comics drive emotion. The pictures convey emotions better than just words alone. They're funny. That helps learning and makes the stories more memorable.

Anyone who writes an email, a presentation, or a document, is a storyteller. 

Comicgen is for developers 

Developers want to build engaging apps. But design skills are not their forte. Stock images can't match the variety of their scenarios.


1. Comicgen has variety. Keeping angles, emotions, and poses independent can generate thousands of combinations. 

2. Comicgen has an API. Developers can easily add it to their applications. 

3. Comicgen is public. No need to license characters.

Organizations use it when presenting or marketing their offerings.

Organizations typically use Comicgen for:  

Presenting insights

1. Executives' analysis. An analyst created a poster explaining their work using comic characters. It was simple and engaging -- the entire organization understood this deep learning technique.

2. Managers' reports. An admin manager sent his status report as a pair of comic characters conversing. Their CEO read this report fully for the first time. 

3. Consultants' workshops. A consultant runs a culture workshop using comics in the presentation because "... it's a lot less threatening than an official PowerPoint presentation."

Marketing stories

1. Product teams launching new features. Google Chrome was launched using a comic book

2. Marketer emails. Marketers can launch comic-based email campaigns to engage their audience instead of the usual ‘run-of-the-mill' emails.  

3. Event manager invites. When sending out invites, events managers can create fun, personalized, and never-seen-before invites.


Comics are rendered via the endpoint (Or, wherever you installed Comicgen). We'll refer to this as /comic from now on. 

Options for each character can be specified as URL query parameters. For example, to render Ethan's angling sideways, winking, we need:

name: than 

angle: side 

emotion: wink 

pose: normal

This is exposed at /comic?name=ethan&angle=side&emotion=wink&pose=normal: 

You can create comics by directly linking to these files. You can embed these files directly in your plugin.