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Drive Operational Excellence unlocking manufacturing potential with real-time plant-floor analytics

Plug in to your factory’s full potential

Industry 4.0 technology has given manufacturers the power to implement intelligent lean processes. MAJiK Systems lets you take data-driven digital manufacturing by storm with software that connects systems across entire facilities to:

Improve productivity

  • Reduce manufacturing equipment downtime by predicting and fixing breakdowns before they occur
  • Remove bottlenecks and optimize productivity through data analysis

Streamline operations

  • Stop losing money on scrap, losses and give-aways
  • Find and eliminate equipment downtime and time wasted waiting

Upgrade production quality

  • Track, manage, and resolve quality issues
  • Increase performance on metrics like OEE


  • Use data-driven insights to serve your customers' needs
  • Connect to other software systems to drive intelligent decision-making

MAJiK makes it easy to implement Industry 4.0

Our team helps you drive digital manufacturing forward quickly and painlessly.

Quick integration

MAJiK offers the fastest integrations in the industry, with most taking less than three weeks. There’s no additional hardware, PLC reprogramming, or downtime during installation.

Connect easily to every Factory Information System

Our software connects to 90% of PLC and SCADA systems, making it easy to plug in and get moving.

Scalable solutions

Out-of-the box dashboards make it easy to get up and running with insights in no time. Configurable capabilities mean our solution grows with your business.