NBConsult Nokia Nuage SDWAN


NBConsult Nokia Nuage SDWAN


NBConsult will provide the ability to securely connect branch sites, datacenters, and cloud environments within an SD-WAN solution powered by Nokia Nuage and Azure vWAN as a secure, low-latency, and cost saving solution.


Connect Branch Offices, reduce or eliminate old fashioned MPLS costs, connect to Azure vWAN using any network media, including Azure EXPRESSROUTE, MPLS or direct internet connections. Increase security and lower costs by connecting branch offices, datacenters, and cloud environments within a solution powered by Nokia Nuage Networks and Azure Virtual WAN as a secure, low-latency, cost saving alternative to MPLS.

Benefits include

  • Simplify reachability for secure application access
  • Automated branch and WAN connectivity
  • Simplified, fast access to Azure workloads and Office365
  • Integrated Security across branch to branch and branch to Azure

As an Azure Network MSP, NBConsult will design and implement and manage a custom Azure Virtual WAN and Nokian Nuage Networks SD-WAN solution, allowing you to take advantage on Azure Advanced Networking Capabilities.

NBConsults Networking MSP Offer will provide full support and 24/7 monitoring of the Nokia Nuage SD-WAN devices deployed at customer locations.

Scope of Work

  • Customer assessment and requirement gathering
  • Deployment and configuration of the network with Azure virtual WAN gateways
  • Connecting the SD-WAN devices at branches, network locations to your Azure virtual WAN gateways
  • Connect the virtual WAN to the target Azure vNETs/resources
  • Create and set SDWAN policies traffic traversing across the SD-WAN and into Azure
  • Create and set security policies for the traffic between branch locations, cloud locations, and the Internet
  • Create monitoring and alerting polices and service desk onboarding


A single Cloud and Branch managed network (if scoped for delivery)
A managed Cloud and Branch Azure and Nokia Nuage Networks environment