Oliasoft WellDesign®

Oliasoft WellDesign

Oliasoft WellDesign®

Oliasoft WellDesign

The entire calculation chain of well planning integrated into one modern software solution.

As a fully integrated cloud engineering software package, containing all authority required calculations related to the design of onshore and offshore oil and gas wells, it provides all necessary functionality in one integrated web-based solution.

The software is built using modern technology and open APIs (Application Programming Interface) which enable seamless integration in a larger ecosystem and machine-to-machine communication, a requirement to succeed with the digitization of the drilling and well domain. 

The well design domain is divided into six modules where each module represents a category in the calculation chain, and the software calculation engines enable full- and semi-automatic well planning, ensuring compliance with authority regulations and company-specific requirements. 


Oliasoft WellDesign is the most comprehensive well planning software available, with powerful simulation capabilities enabling companies to perform automated well planning and dramatically increase the amount of iterations possible within a short period of time. The increased software capacity and integrated calculations permit optimization of well designs and contribute to reducing over-design as well as increasing efficiency.


Oliasoft WellDesign can communicate by machine-to-machine from any source, which enables automatic well design and autonomous operations. The results from the software can automatically be sent to another third-party application that can utilize the results, for example, automated drilling equipment offshore. By enabling this, planning and operation will be tied closer together and a fully digital environment with a minimum of manual tasks.


The system is set up to receive real-time data directly from the drilling rig, making it possible to re-run all calculations based on actual data to monitor the drilling operation and make sure it is performed within the defined safety requirements.