Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform

Red Hat Inc

Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform

Red Hat Inc

Red Hat® OpenShift® is the leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, built for an open hybrid cloud.

Build, deploy and run cloud-native apps with Red Hat® OpenShift® on Microsoft Azure

Red Hat® OpenShift® is the leading enterprise application platform for enterprises who want to build, deploy and run cloud-native applications from a hybrid cloud to the edge. It provides full-stack automated operations, brings security to the entire application development process, offers a consistent experience across all environments, and self-service provisioning for developers.

Running Red Hat OpenShift on Microsoft Azure gives you a complete, orchestrated framework you need to build, deploy, run and manage containerized applications in a hybrid cloud environment. It includes an enterprise-grade Linux operating system and container runtime, networking, monitoring, container registry, and authorization solutions. These components are tested and integrated to deliver unified operations on a complete platform.

Consistency across any infrastructure

Red Hat OpenShift provides a consistent application platform for the management of existing, modernized, and cloud-native applications that runs on any cloud.

Red Hat OpenShift provides a common abstraction layer across any infrastructure to give both developers and operations teams commonality in how applications are packaged, deployed, and managed. This allows you to run applications where it makes the most sense, without creating different operational models because of the host environment.

Develop innovative applications faster

Develop faster with a complete enterprise platform to build, test, deploy, and run applications. Red Hat OpenShift includes self-service access to developer tools, a browser-based IDE, a broad selection of coding languages, data and storage services, and full CI/CD services for automating application delivery and supporting a DevOps process.

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