Situm Indoor Positioning IPS Platform

Situm Indoor Positioning

Situm Indoor Positioning IPS Platform

Situm Indoor Positioning

A cloud platform to develop and manage wayfinding and tracking solutions for indoors.

Situm. The indoor GPS.

We spend more than 90%  of our time in indoor environments, where location services based on GPS do not work.

Situm provides indoor positioning based solutions with the higher precision and minimal infrastructure through a unique technology that merge the pre-existing information in the environment (magnetic fields, Bluetooth, WIFI) with data from smartphones (gyroscope accelerometer and compass). 

Health, facility management, retail, transport, corporate buildings, events or industry 4.0 are some of the sectors where our technology has been deployed to improve services and processes by guiding passengers, visitors, and shoppers and tracking workforce and assets.

Situm IPS Platform

A cloud platform with the following components: 

1. RTLS 

Location engine, featured by:

  1. Automatic floor detection.
  2. In-phone computing: without requiring continuous connectivity.
  3. Step-by-step navigation  and guide recalculation due deviations.
  4. Positioning both with the smartphone in your hand and in your pocket.

2. Dashboard

Integrated multipurpose management web panel:

  1. Cartography Manager
  2. Geofence Management to configure circular areas  to perform actions (assign tasks geopositioning, launch notifications, commercial promotions, etc.) or obtain specific analitycs
  3. Analytics
  4. Real Time Visualization

3. Situm Mapping Tool

App to calibrate the building and test navigation

4. SDKs

Development kits that allow Situm's indoor location service to be integrated with third-party applications (available for Android, iOS and Cordova).


To easily integrate Situm IPS with third-party systems, such as Business Analytics or Geographic Information Systems