SyRad Natural Language Processing for Radiology unlocks value hidden in unstructured medical data.

Syrad™ Natural Language Processing: Revolutionizing Radiology

Today's radiology reports are unstructured holding 80% of relevant clinical information hostage. Natural Language Processing (NLP) holds the key to unlocking the value hidden within unstructured data to develop analytics that drive smart decisions. NLP-driven metrics allow providers to ask better questions, gain insight, and drive better informed discussions about utilization.

SyTrue's NLP operating system powers radiology benchmarking and reporting by extracting data from tens of millions of radiology reports:

  • Positive, negative, or uncertain findings

  • Critical results and communication

  • Diagnostic tests, history and more

  • Enabling Radiology Patient Care (RPC) Indices

  • Supporting Global Practice Information (GPI) reporting

NLP-Driven Metrics Allow You To:

  • Uncover information and demonstrate value beyond the reading room

  • Gain insight and drive better informed discussions about utilization

  • Understand and measure the quality of the entire patient experience

  • Show value through meaningful, evidence-based conversations between radiologists, physicians, and hospital administration