Scappman - Automated third-party patch management for Microsoft Intune


Scappman - Automated third-party patch management for Microsoft Intune


Scappman is a 100% cloud solution that integrates with Intune to automatically update applications.

Are you managing application installations and updates for your organization? Are you tired of doing this manually? Automate third-party application updates in Microsoft Intune with Scappman and focus on more important things.

Scappman is a 100% cloud solution that automatically installs all the necessary updates for your applications on your Intune-managed computers. Scappman scraps the installed applications for the new version and if it’s available, Scappman tests it, wraps the application installation file into .intunewin and uploads it to Intune and installs it to the assigned users. It’s that straight forward.

There are more than 670 third-party applications in Scappman App Store, that are always up to date and secure to use.

Key features

  • Third-party application update rings
  • Customizable install commands
  • Historical reporting
  • Automatic log collection
  • Updating available applications
  • No annoying pop-ups & postpone when the app is in use
  • And much more

Key benefits

  • Save a huge amount of your time and money, unlocking automated third-party patching
  • No need to package
  • Extensive application list – from Google Chrome and Adobe Acrobat to your own app – we’ve got you covered
  • Your endpoints are secure because of up to date third-party apps

What our customers say

“We’ve been waiting for an application deployment and patching product as mature as this, and now it’s here!” – CyberSecurity Provider, Australia

“The product is great. This can be a gamechanger. It’s easy to setup, to enroll, to deploy, to onboard more tenants” – Tim Hermie, Microsoft MVP, Belgium

Are you a managed service provider?

Service Providers can use Scappman to manage many customers at once, from a single pane of glass, and drastically reduce time spent onboarding new customers.

MSP features:

  • Multitenancy
  • White labeling
  • Cross-customer application sets

Try Scappman now

Try Scappman for free for 15 days, no credit card required. To start deploying applications, just register on our portal and provide admin consent for our Scappman, choose an app from our App Store or upload your own, assign users to it and you’re good to go. Scappman will deploy the application and then keep it up to date.

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