Energy control: 4-Weeks Proof of Concept


Forest Movement combines an IoT solution to help organizations control their energy use.

Solution elevator pitch: SYNNEX Forest Movement combines an Azure-powered internet of things (IoT) solution and expert consulting services to help organizations control their energy use, cut costs, lower their carbon footprint, and become more sustainable, to fulfill ESG/SDGs 7, 13 requirement. Using sensors, meters, smart plugs, smart controllers, and other technology to reduce energy use, Azure services to collect and analyze data, and Power BI embedded dashboards to display the results, the SYNNEX solution enables organizations to monitor their energy use in near real time and make strategic decisions to help them control costs and increase sustainability. SYNNEX also gives organizations access to green marketing programs to help them attract new customers, strengthen their brands, or amplify their social impact. As a result, SYNNEX customers can lower their overall energy consumption and associated costs today, while planting seeds for the future by becoming part of a global movement to reduce environmental impacts and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Customer profile: Target customers include retail companies and other businesses with high energy costs, primarily in Taiwan and the rest of Southeast Asia.

Top Customer Needs:

  1. Insufficient resources or time to obtain the knowledge required to implement effective sustainability strategies and solutions.
  2. Organizations feel pressure from consumers to increase sustainability and reduce carbon emissions but lack the knowledge and resources to meet those demands.
  3. Government regulators are requiring businesses to demonstrate sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility.
  4. Many businesses lack visibility into how much energy they are using day to day, or how energy usage rises and falls at different times of the day and evening.
  5. Few businesses have programs or systems in place to help them increase sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint.