Digital Identity and Access Mgmt Assessment: 8 wks

Adnovum AG

Consulting package to assess the maturity of your Digital Identity and Access Management strategy with a special focus on Azure environments and capabilities.

AdNovum is pleased to offer you a consulting package allowing to assess the maturity of your IAM strategy with a special focus on Azure environments and associated capabilities.


This assessment is powered by four interactive workshops involving key IAM program stakeholders (CIO, CISO, Head of Security and Business Process Owners)


  • Workshop 1: Objectives and requirements
  • Workshop 2: Infrastructure and solution architecture discovery
  • Workshop 3: IAM and business processes
  • Workshop 4: IAM vision


The timeframe is defined with the customer at the project Kick-off. A typical project will span over approximately 8 weeks.

If you are at the inception of your IAM program, our collaboration will allow you to establish a detailed IAM strategy, define a role model fitting your business, create a backlog of capabilities for implementation and associated roadmap.


If you have an established IAM program, the assessment will align your plans with Azure best practices, review and optimise the existing role model, fine-tune IAM workflows and Identity Governance processes, enhance the backlog of future capabilities and refine the IAM implementation roadmap.


Our interactive workshops will allow your internal teams to enhance their skills in Identity and Access Management, Cyber Security and Azure, thanks to practical experience accumulated by AdNovum experts.


We will be pleased to create a personalised offering for your organisation and are looking forward to becoming your long-term technology partner.