Connected Factory by APEx - 6 Wk Implementation


Accelerated delivery of best-in-class Connected Factory solution using Cognizant’s APEx (Asset Performance Excellence) that comprises of pre-built services and templates for industry standard KPIs

Cognizant provides Azure professional services to deploy industry 4.0 applications using Cognizant's APEx (Asset Performance Management Excellence) connected factory accelerator. Cognizant leverages its APEx accelerator to expedite integration of devices, systems, processes and people powered by Azure IoT cloud platform to build a connected factory for optimized and enhanced operations.

Cognizant APEx services speed creation of core industry 4.0 applications such as those monitoring OEE, throughput and utilization by providing the required information meta-model and pre-built dashboard templates.

APEx enables:
  • Asset Excellence Improving asset lifecycle by improving the overall equipment effectiveness, reducing inventory & maintenance – and ultimately decreasing asset wastage to help hit sustainability goals
  • Operational Excellence Optimizing yield, reduced cycle time & improving quality by monitoring and managing complex processes
  • Resource Excellence Aiding in optimal usage of resources, improved safety, enhanced knowledge and first time right
  • Business Excellence Accelerated decision-making guided by complete visibility into operations performance and delivery of actionable data
  • Sustainability Reduce waste and meet your business sustainability goals

The APEx accelerator service is based on an efficient and adaptable micro-services-based architecture leveraging Azure IoT and other PaaS services such as:

  • Azure IoT Hub, Stream Analytics and Cosmos DB for data ingestion, processing and storage
  • Azure Functions and Service Fabric for resilient hosting of calculation and analytics micro-services
APEx accelerator, with professional services, has everything to create a connected factory solution POV, including pre-built connectors, configurable calculation engine for processing raw data; analytics services and pre-built dashboards for industry-standard KPIs, in as little as 6 weeks. Once deployed, Cognizant provides Managed Services to monitor/maintain the health of the solution as well as continued optimization to adapt.