Azure IOT & Digital Twin - 6 week Proof of Concept

Kagool Ltd

Using Azure Digital Twins we can bring data from IoT and other data sources to life, creating an always-up-to-date digital version of your environment that is scalable and secure using HoloLens.

Kagool can push real-time telemetries from millions of IoT sensors to Azure IoT Hub and route the data to a target such as the HoloLens. These sensors include but are not limited to:- Vibration Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Camera, etc. The sensors themselves, can be allocated as specific points on the physical equipment.

The Process (6 weeks)

Activity 1 - (Week 0-1)

Planning & Mobilisation: Starting with an Envision workshop to understand how your equipment sensors can be integrated with the Azure Cloud

Activity 2 - (Week 2-5)

Implementation: We will bring tooling and accelerators to rapidly deploy the solution at scale including from different physical site locations

Activity 3 - (Week 5)

Proof of Value: We’ll work with your teams to demonstrate the speed, value and capabilities of Azure IoT services and Azure Digital Twins

Activity 4 - (Week 6)

TCO & Roadmap: We’ll produce a Total Cost of Ownership for an IoT and Digital Twin Solution along with an Opportunity Strategy Roadmap on how to accelerate your transformation.