Azure Stack HCI: 8-Wks Implementation


Azure Stack HCI is a new hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) operating system delivered as an Azure service that provides the latest security, performance, and feature updates.

myCloudDoor Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI provides integrated deployment and full-stack automated end-to-end lifecycle management.

myCloudDoor implementation Azure Stack HCI Service:

  1. Design:
  • Analyze customer requirements
  • HCI Validation: check if additional hardware is required or if the hardware you have is valid for Azure Stack HCI
  1. Deployemnt:
  • Hardware deployment
  1. Implementation
  • Azure Stack HCI Installation
  • Environment configuration and connection to public cloud

How myCloudDoor helps:

  • Run workloads from your branch office to the edge: Meet the evolving IT demands of branch offices, retail stores and field locations at an affordable cost.
  • Support large-scale virtual desktop implementations: Use remote desktop services, highly available virtual machines (VMs) and integrated scalable storage to support your large-scale virtual implementations.
  • Optimize the performance of virtualizing SQL Server: Deploy and manage demanding SQL Server workloads running on hyperconverged infrastructure to get best of class performance.
  • Improve security with trusted enterprise virtualization: Use virtualization-based security and certified hardware to help protect your sensitive workloads.
  • Deploy a tightly integrated Kubernetes–enabled platform: Enable automated deployment and management of containerized apps by running Kubernetes clusters on your hyperconverged infrastructure.