C21 Live Cloud Mosaic

Cires21 S.L.
Live Streaming Monitoring Cloud Solution.

C21 Live Cloud Mosaic

Cires21 S.L.

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Live Streaming Monitoring Cloud Solution.

Live Streaming supervision multiviewer with simultaneous display of all streaming formats, statistics and alerts. Record and remote streaming on multiple devices.

Key features

  • Supported formats: Smooth Streaming, DASH, HLS, HDS, RTMP, HTTP Progressive Download and many more
  • Attended monitoring for live streaming content
  • Distributed monitoring based on Azure Regions
  • All streaming protocols supported
  • Configurable and auto layout
  • Visualization of previews, publish URLs and real time data
  • Remote streaming visualization of monitored content
  • Up to 3 virtual screens

Other features

  • Full REST API for integration
  • Simultaneous display of audio and video streams format supported
  • Screen with configurable grid for video/audio playback areas
  • MIB SNMP, sound, visible, mail and push webservice alerts
  • Stream recording
  • Adjustable visualization areas
  • Configurable views
  • Video controls: deinterlace, brightness, contrast, saturation, aspect ratio and fullscreen
  • Audio controls: volume, mute and vumeters
  • Clocks, images and texts display option