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Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition v4.5.1 Gov

Distributed NoSQL database for high performance big data management

Couchbase Server

Couchbase Server is the world’s most complete, scalable, and highest performing NoSQL database. We engineered the product to meet the most demanding enterprise and big data requirements for distributed database performance and scalability.

Couchbase Server comes with a shared nothing fully scale-out, memory-centric architecture, designed to take full advantage of speed of memory rather than disk -- translating into blazing fast performance. Couchbase Server is the only NoSQL database that integrates a native caching tier and a document-oriented database, eliminating the need to install and manage a separate cache service.

Couchbase is also the only big data database that offers a native integrated NoSQL mobile solution (Couchbase Mobile), including pre-built data synchronization (Couchbase Sync Gateway) and an embedded database (Couchbase Lite), enabling fast and easy development of mobile apps with online/offline data access.